Things have been well the last couple of weeks, thank the LORD! I’m still feeling lonely from time to time, but with all the praying that I have been doing, I think God has strengthened my resolve to get through the rest of the holidays. That week of Thanksgiving was really rough. And with all the madness of the season, I think I’m much too distracted to focus on the loneliness like I could before. But it’s cool. And as long as I don’t see the STBX or speak to him, I am great! So, I will try my hardest not to communicate with him in any other fashion other than text or email. There’s nothing that he can say verbally that he can’t say via text or email. I think it pisses him off when I don’t speak to him or allow myself to be seen by him, but hey, I want and need peace and it’s his own fault why we’re in this divorce situation. Most men would love the fact that their STBX would try to stay the furthest away from them, but this fool is special. He wants to keep me around because he’s controlling and he misses me. And that is the last resort to keep me in his life. Dumb ass…you could have kept me in your life by being my husband BUT, you thought that grass was so much greener. Maybe one day we’ll be friends, but today just ain’t that day….