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Tomorrow is Christmas………and I don’t think the STBX is going to give me any problems. I think he is tired of fighting. I think, you never know when it comes to him. Sometimes he takes a sabbatical from being an asshole and then he comes back full force. Yet, I am a tad bit, and I do mean a small, tad bit optimistic that he will be on his best behavior until the new year. We recently had a disagreement on something and he didn’t get all out of hand and ignorant like he normally does. And I had already prepared myself to hold my resolve and remain calm no matter what he said to me, or any negative names he happened to call me. I just stood my ground and assumed the message got through to him finally. I don’t want to put my hopes into that too much because there are moments when I think the message should have sunk into his big head and I get supremely disappointed. But tonight, I am going to chill with my diva gremlins, watch a Christmas Story and make cookies for Santa. I may not have a husband and the girls are missing a father, but, even still, everything for tonight is perfect…..