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I wonder a lot about what the new year has in store for me. And whom does it have in store for me? Will I be reliving the same nightmare? Of course not, I have the final court date for my divorce in February. Will I finally be able to travel outside of the country like I would like? And will I find someone just for me, or will it be another solitary year alone, wishing, hoping and aching for my special love? And will there be peace in this middle east warlike relationship that has developed with my STBX? Or will the new year bring back his humanity? Hell, even the Grinch’s heart even grew back once he finally saw the light and stopped being selfish. Maybe I’m aiming my hopes up too far high when it comes to him. Even when it comes to me and finding a love all of my own. Wishful thinking…silly hoping…fickle faith. I see people get divorced and are happy in other relationships and even eventually in other marriages. Am I silly for having wanted to only been married once and live that happily forever after with one person? Ah, it doesn’t matter. The new year will bring what it brings. And I am still going to be hopeful, and faithful that it will be filled with favor and blessings for me and my girls.