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Went to the final divorce proceedings where we both stated what we thought was best and where he basically tried to make me look like a monster. I saw the selfishness and pride at an all time high that day. And while I was in tears and trying not to become a blubbering mess, he remained stoic and cold. And then had the nerve to tell me that he’s hurting too. Yeah, he’s hurting all right….financially. You didn’t realize that you were gonna have to pay all that and then some in child support, did ya, Valentine? But, you have your gf and your pride to help you get through this tough, arduous time in your life, right? I pray the judge saw right through all your BS. How can you sleep at night, knowing that you gave up a loving family, for your selfishness and pride? I might be hurting now, but you will have this hurt in your heart for the rest of your life, because you know you are wrong. And the day you wake up and acknowledge it, will be the loudest, hardest slap in the face you’ll ever get. Happy Valentine’s Day, biatch!