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I did it! I finally did something that I have been wanting to do since FOREVER!!! And I couldn’t do it with my EX in my life because he was so unwilling to get a passport…..I booked a trip to Europe this summer! HA! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!! For some, this may seem like no big deal, but for me, it is everything. One, I have been wanting, nay! LONGING! to go to Europe for a long while now. And I couldn’t because he wouldn’t get his passport, he just wouldn’t move his ass! And this was before we had kids. I would find great deals and tell him to get his passport and he would make the same promise that he would and of course, never did. The closest he got to getting a passport was taking the photos. Who doesn’t want to go to Europe? That idiot…..

And second, this is the first really big thing that I have done post-divorce. I mean, I got my tattoos after he left and I cut my hair and went natural and bought myself some firearms (all things he never wanted me to do), but this! This trip really means my independence and freedom from the tyranny of that marriage. And I thank God that I am able to do it! And one day I will be able to take my gremlins with me, so that I can enlighten their little eyes and show them that there is so much more in the world than what’s in their backyard. Thank you, Lord!!!!!