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Life is so weird. And people are weirder. I don’t understand this man. You got the slut you wanted, you got the divorce you wanted, and you still won’t cooperate and do the ONLY thing that is required of you, which is to pay your child support to the two children that you claim SO MUCH to love SO MUCH. What is your problem, sir? Is it the fact that every time you write that check to me, you are reminded of the mistake you made and you are reliving your nightmare and guilt each and every time? Or, do you think that the money that you are giving me is being used to finance my wardrobe and shoe/purse collection? Maybe better than that, you think I’m using this money to wine and dine another man? What are you, AN IDIOT?! What the fucks your problem, man? Do you like arguing over the same thing, over and over?! Wait, I KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS…..your ass is broke. You bit off more than you could chew when you decided to go and leave this family and start a new family with someone just as equally selfish and irresponsible with money as you, or maybe even more selfish and irresponsible. And now, reality is sinking in and bills are choking the shit outta you and the only other place to salvage your finances from, is from the child support that you are SUPPOSED to give to me. Don’t try to stop unnecessary spending, noooooo…that would make sense, wouldn’t it? And you are all about nonsense, aren’t cha? How about getting a second job? Nooooo, then you wouldn’t have enough “you” time, would you; cause you are obviously the most important person in your life. Why not put that slut back on the street where she belongs and make her start sucking dick for her supper. It’s not like she don’t know how, I’m sure she can pick up right where she left off.

Whatever the reason, that ain’t got shit to do with me, you understand me, muthafucker? Be a man, pay your child support and let’s be done with it, shall we? Because I haven’t said anything to you and I’m not going to say anymore about it. But I am saying something to the proper people and when the proper people contact you, you gonna be mad and upset and want to blame me, but you can kiss my ass, ya dork. You should have been taking care of your business. You can’t leave one family and just throw us to the wind and think you gonna live the high life and take care of another family. Sorry, you ain’t getting away with this crime. I was a smart chick when I was with you and I’m a smarter chick now without your stupid ass.