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Today I spent the whole day by myself. Not even on the phone with anyone. Why? Because I just felt the need to speak only with God. Seriously, I just sat in my house and for hours, I was literally and totally silent. I was having major conversations with Him. About everything and everyone in my life. And it felt good. I felt like I hadn’t spoken to Him in a while, even though I pray all the time, I felt like I was missing my one on one time with Him. I think I was supposed to just be still and just relax. Even as I went for a jog, I was talking to Him the whole time. Of course, I made sure no one that passed by me could hear me or see my mouth moving, since most people wouldn’t understand something like this. But the Holy Father was there with me, listening to me, hearing my thoughts, analyzing my words and examining my heart. Usually when I don’t have the girls, I feel alone but today, I sensed He was with me; from the time I woke up, to even right now. And the peace is awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel like this all of the time, but I am very grateful for the days when I do feel this peace. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and I believe that this is a powerful weekend that most Christians or better yet, all people, for that matter, should acknowledge. A powerful time to talk to God and just focus on Him and spend time with Him. To seek Him, His love and His grace. I hope this feeling can last forever……. 🙂