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Well, I too have news…I am moving!!! I interviewed for a new position within my company and I am just waiting for the official word to get out before I tell my family members and of course, the ex. And he’s not going to like it one bit. Mainly since the job will be an extra 45 minutes away from where he is. PLUS, he works downtown, so his commute when he drops/picks up the girls from school is going to be well over an hour. And then he’ll hit traffic going to his own job. I tried to warn him, I guess he figured that I’d stay close by because of the girls. He figured wrong. He’s not paying any child support and my rent is going up and this job will eventually include an increase in pay. I am doing what I have to do in order to take care of my family. He can go and suck an egg. You know what’s funny? When we were in court, I tried to get the parenting schedule changed, just to make sure he wouldn’t be too inconvenienced when the time for me to move came about. But he lied and told the magistrate that he would be able to handle it. Well, handle it, boo. HANDLE IT! Cause gas prices are retarded and you drive a leased vehicle. Good luck with your mileage, Jack! Of course, that was when he thought I wasn’t gonna to be moving that much further up north, but hey! When opportunity knocks, I gots to open da door! And no more feeling guilty about thinking of myself and the girls this time. He had no feelings of guilt or doubt when he made his decision to cheat and abandon his family. It’s time for us to live our lives and not tippy-toe around what he wants and his life. 2014 is our year for restoration! God is blessing us double! Bigger home, better job, new possibilities!