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Well, the good news that I have been impatiently anticipating has finally arrived. I got the position I wanted, and I will be moving further north. I think of it as my time to begin anew, to start fresh and to begin making new memories. It’ll be a whole new environment. A whole new crop of people to work with and even my living surroundings will be brand spanking new. No memories that he and I shared ANYWHERE! Except the kids….lol. But I will be able to breathe and not feel afraid that he’ll just pop up with his mistress. I swear, there were moments where I would be scared to go to a certain mall or movie theater for fear that he’d just materialize. So, he can have the south and I will take the north. And I just feel like this is my time. I have sat back and have been the cheerleader for so many other people and I have waited until this divorce was over to make a move that will better my livelihood for me and my gremlins. 

And to tell you the truth, I am scared a little bit. Single mom, two little girls, living 45 minutes away from my family, but I know I can do it. And I’ll do it with God right by my side and leading me the whole way. Sometimes you need to break out of that complacency box and strive forward towards success! The ex-factor won’t be happy at all and he will more than likely curse me out and tell me how this is all my fault, blah, blah, blah…. It’s my turn. It’s my life. And it’s time for me to start living it.