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Well, here I am, about to embark on a nice little vacation and I am feeling excited, happy, anxious (good anxious), and oddly enough, a little sad. Sad because I am going someplace that I had envisioned going to and experiencing with the person that I once loved more than myself, just a short time ago. And now, I’m just going with a girlfriend….and it’s not bad, but it’s not the greatest thing either. I’ll be around all this old world scenery, and loads of romantic moments and I will have no one to experience it with. And I’m not trying to negate my vacation, but it just saddens me that I have to do the things that I’ve always dreamed of doing with my spouse…..by myself. And now, I have to wait until I find that new person to make new memories with. When will that be? I don’t know. But I have made up my mind that I will just have to wait until God feels I am ready and until He decides to send the one into my life. So! I will pack and I will get on that plane and I will have fun, regardless of the circumstances surrounding this vacation. I’ll probably cry a little when I reach my destination, but I will dry the tears and keep it moving. Always. Gotta. Keep. It. Moving………………