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Man, I wonder when my ex will grow the fuck up? I asked him on Tuesday to buy the uniforms for my oldest child for the new school year and he tells me, “money is tight. We’ll see.” Did I mention he told me he’s going on a 7 day cruise vacation? This month? Supposedly he didn’t pay for it. Yeah…..no one believes you, bubba. His excuse is that his slutty gf’s mother paid for the both of them to go. Uh-huh….Anyhoo, like usual, he has money for himself, her and her son. But nothing for his DNA kids. So sad, I tell ya. So very sad. And then I told him that we were moving 45 minutes away from him. He proceeded to tell me that I can’t do that and that it’s not within the 50 miles that the courts claim I can move around in. But I told him that it is and I am. Then he says I have to meet him somewhere in order for the girls to go to school on the days that he has them and I told him, no the hell I don’t. The only pick up place we have on file is his mother’s house for when we transfer custody of the children. He has to take them and pick them up to/from school.

I don’t have to have any other drop/pick up spot. Then, the topper is how he mentions he’ll see me back in court. Really? Not a problem, especially since you haven’t been paying child support, pal. I’d LOVE to go back to court with you, mainly because the daycare and after school care that YOU pay for will increase after I move. So, that means the child support will increase. Yes, let’s go back to court, asshole. So, yesterday, I asked him again about the uniforms yesterday and he told me that I should use the non-existent child support that he’s not paying to buy the uniforms. Little did I know that the reason he said that is because they are finally going to start garnishing his wages for the child support. They sent him a letter informing him that the party’s over! It’s about damn time! I’ve been waiting for a payment for so long, it’s insane. So, now that they’ve taken away his control over his money, he’s mad at me, the world and probably God. Angry at everyone but himself. Who cares?! He wants to live life lovely with his fake family and throw scraps to us. I refuse to allow him to treat his children like 4th class steerage.

So, I’m going to move somewhere nice, and enjoy my new position at my job and start my new chapter in my life. And the girls are excited too. And that’s all that matters. He wants to still be respected and number one in my life, yet, that space is reserved for MY HUSBAND. You, you vacated that position a long time ago. So now, the number one people in my life is ME and my gremlins. And I don’t even understand how you believe you’re gonna get respect when you don’t give respect. Eventually he will settle down and stop being angry. But I have to keep my eyes open and my ears to the ground because that alleged money-less freak will probably try to take me back to court in order to get the time-sharing agreement changed. But that costs money, so we’ll see. I’m sure his lawyer, a.k.a. slutty gf, is advising him properly. She’s been doing SUCH a great job thus far….. o_O.