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Well, I didn’t think that my ex could be any more selfish, but I was wrong. Instead of re-shifting, re-organizing his schedule, my ex decided to play the work card and give his kids back early on Sunday instead of driving to take them to school and pick them up on Mondays and Tuesdays. AND, he convinced or hustled, whichever word you want to use, his mom into picking them up on Fridays. So, that basically eliminates his responsibility towards taking care of his own children. And, I am quite sure that when I pick my children up, my oldest will not have on a uniform like she’s supposed to because her father would rather send her to school without purchasing a uniform for her because he’s supposedly trying to send me a message. The message where I have to pay for everything and he doesn’t. I’m just going to continue to give him to God, because he is only causing more problems now and future problems later for his kids. They know that it isn’t mommy doing these things. Pride and selfishness is gonna kill him. And it’s gonna destroy his relationship with his kids. And my girls will see that daddy does things half-ass for them and goes 100% for another kid that isn’t even his. Clock’s ticking…..