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Let’s see…ex-husband meets slutbag gf, has affair, leaves wife, gets divorce, unwilling to spend time with his kids, destroyed relations with his family, finds himself in whirlwind of financial turmoil, gets car repossessed, and may have to break his lease to go and live with the gf in HER parents home. Yeah, that about sums up what is happening in my ex’s life right now. And yet, he really believes that he did the right thing by leaving me. He really believes that she is better than me. Those were the exact words he said to me in 2013. That she was better than me. Yeah, at spending money. At helping you make poor choices in life. At not helping you with your bills. In that case, you are so right, boo-boo. She is better than me. Cause she doesn’t give two craps about you and your well-being because she is solely focused on you providing for her well-being and her child’s.

She doesn’t care that you have completely demolished all of your relationships with your mom, dad, sisters, uncles. She could care less that you don’t see your kids or at least have a decent relationship with their mother. All she cares about is the fact that she needed a man, she stole a man and now, she is keeping him under lock and key. And I guess to him, that is good, right? Means that she loves him, right? That she is ride or die, right? Cause if she tried to talk to him about doing the right thing or even helping him pay bills, that would mean she didn’t trust in him being a man and able to take care of her and her kid, right? Their “family” that they have together. What’s funny is that my ex doesn’t even think for a second how her baby-daddy does not even try to see his own kid, a thought never pops up as to how a man would or could just leave his child completely alone? The man never sees his kid. Doesn’t even call. Ever think that maybe, just maybe, it was her? That she ran him off entirely to the point where he would rather not be around his own kid? That there is SOMETHING wrong with this chick?! Her baby-daddy’s family didn’t want her around him either.

But my poor, simple ex-husband. I guess I didn’t feed his ego enough, I guess I didn’t make him feel enough like a man, to make him prove that he could take care of us. And I guess she does that for him. I wonder, how manly he is feeling right now, having had his car repossessed, and just how manly he will feel, living in her parents house? You’re right, Boo. I couldn’t make you feel like a man. Mainly because it’s not my job to make you feel like a man. That should be instinctive in you from the start. You should have had that manly instinct to take care of your family, to provide for us, to want to do better for yourself and us without my telling you that this is what you should do. And now, you have someone that is making you feel like a man by going to live with her parents, huh? Go ‘head, boy. Show me up. Prove to me that you are a man. Cause nobody else thinks so. Not even you.