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Can you believe that I am sick as a dog and on Thanksgiving?! I mean, WTH?! But I guess being sick is better than being sad and miserable over a divorce and an asshole ex-husband and having to split my kids during the holidays and trying to get over an ex-“boyfriend.”

Wanna know something, though? I am not sad or miserable over anything but this cold. In 2011, I was shattered and destroyed. In 2012, I was shattered and disgusted. In 2013, I was stung and disappointed. In 2014, honey, I am fine. I never thought it could be possible. Never thought I would be okay. There’s no tears. There’s no sadness. No me, in the fetal position, on the floor, upset because my ex-husband rejected/abandoned us or upset because my ex-“boyfriend” is spending the holidays with his family and I am all alone.

And I have been invited to the homes of some friends for Thanksgiving, but no one wants mucus as a substitute for gravy. LOL! I sent my girls off looking so good today! They were looking like some fierce gremlins! Too, too cute! And it made me happy to see them happy. It made me joyous to see they were already looking forward to coming back home to mommy. I’m so thankful to the Lord for all my blessings. And the main thing I am thankful for is the healing of my broken heart. My Broken Christian Heart…

And it is healing. A slow process, but the healing is becoming more and more evident with each new day. I will take that over turkey any day!!! 🙂