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Let me ask y’all something… how the heck am I supposed to have a relationship with a man that has absolutely no respect for me? How? I asked him not to do something, very simple, that I had asked in the past and the man called me Hitler. HITLER! Yet, he said that I have no respect for him. Did I mention that I didn’t call him outside of his name? The conversation was only about our child’s hair and he turned it into a 2 hour text-fest about why I don’t respect him and how I need to change and that I am a monster and then how I want to be angry, selfish and keep arguing. I could go on and on but WordPress does not have the space for this explanation. And he wants to know why I won’t talk to him or allow him to do things with us.

He wonders why I want to keep our lives as separate as possible. I don’t bother this man. AT ALL….! I have come to terms with him living his life and him leaving his family for his slut and I don’t bother him. And you’d think he’d be grateful, but NOPE! He wants to argue with me and he wants to fight. I don’t know what else to do. He wants me to be “ok” with what he’s done to us and I am not. Just because he’s alright with it, doesn’t mean I am. I have accepted the divorce and all the hurt and pain, but I will not accept his slut gf and be around her and act like everything is alright. When he gets rid of the slut and gets a girlfriend of better quality, then I’ll come around more. Then I’ll invite him back into our lives. Until then, he can suck it!

Why even bother with me if you don’t like me? That’s what I’m wondering. Why do you care that I don’t call to check on the girls when they are with you? Why do you care if I don’t ask you about your day? Why do you care? And don’t try to act like you give two craps about me, cause that’s a damn lie. The man is wondering why I didn’t call over the Thanksgiving holiday. WTH?! You got a divorce because you wanted to get rid of me, right? Now it looks like you want me around you in some capacity. Which is weird because you got the divorce to NOT BE AROUND ME. And I don’t want to be around him at all. I don’t associate with people that are disrespectful, regardless of whether or not I gave birth to their children. Disrespect is disrespect and I won’t tolerate it.

Of course I want to call my kids when they are with him. But I don’t want to deal with him on any level. NONE! So, I pray over them before they leave and I just ask how they are doing when I speak to his mother. She tells me the truth and she respects me. He’s a narcissistic sociopath. He never does anything wrong and has no guilt, no shame, no heart whatsoever. And when I told him TWICE, about ending the conversation, he said I was running from the truth. So I said, well, let me just stop wasting your time and he still tried to keep the conversation going. Wasn’t until I mentioned him needing Jesus, that the conversation ended. I always heard that demons flee at the mention of the name Jesus, but this was the first time that I had seen it in action.

So either he knew he couldn’t win against a conversation mentioning Jesus or his master whistled for him. I think he just hates it when I tell him anything that he doesn’t want to hear. I think he hates that I still tell him to do things when it comes to the kids. But what the hell?! The only time I make an effort to speak to you is when I have to. You have the perfect ex-wife. The kind that doesn’t want anything to do with you. He said the only time he hears from “my ass” is when it’s about him not doing something that I asked him not to do to/with the kids that I disagree with. So, I guess I should start making more of an effort to being his friend and asking about his life and how he’s been and being more friendly, huh?

Wait on it….it’s coming. But so is Jesus. And Jesus will get here before we’re ever gonna be friends.