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I was wondering what or if I should write about anything these past few days because I had an itching to write SOMETHING, but yet, nothing came to mind. And then, my awesome jerk of an ex-husband called me today. Can you say, INSPIRATION?! He called at 8:30am, supposedly under the assumption that the girls were home from school, especially since their Christmas break starts NEXT WEEK and he knows this full well. But just this once, we will give him the benefit of the doubt. And the only reason I picked up the phone is because I didn’t recognize his new work number. But I’ve got it BURNED in my brain now!!! I usually don’t pick up the phone when he calls because he is always, constantly, and totally disrespectful to me. I just hand the phone right to the girls when he calls. Anyhoo, before I could get off the phone, he asks me about our oldest and her recent progress report that wasn’t so great. So we’re talking about it and then he asks me to send them some clothes for the week that he is going to have them.

Mind you, I told this man last year that I will not supply him with anything more when he has the kids. Reason being, he was always downright rude and unappreciative and critical of the clothes that I was sending. They were a little old and borrowed from other people, but only because I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes for them since he wasn’t giving me any money.  So I stopped sending clothes and forced him to be responsible for his DNA children. If he can buy this, that and the other for his slut gf’s son, he can go out and spend some money on his real kids. His answer? “I don’t have any money. And I don’t buy anything for her son.”

Really? o_O…who the hell would believe that you don’t buy nor take care of the kid from the heffa that you left your family for? Might I add that her son calls my ex-husband, “Papi?” Yeah…… Not my problem if you allegedly don’t have money for your DNA kids. You aren’t paying any rent, any more. I mean, you moved in with her and her mother so that you could be in there rent free, cause ya’ll a “family” right? You should be loaded with dough to spend on your children. You didn’t buy them any birthday gifts this year, use that money to purchase some winter clothes for them. He didn’t want to hear it. And I didn’t care. All you want is for me to spend my money and for you to spend your money on what you want which is you, her and her kid. Fuck that!

Then he wants to say that it’s in our divorce decree that I’m supposed to send the girls with the things that they need, and I told him no it’s not and I’m not doing it. “But it’s for the girls, not me.” I think I said this before, but lemme say it again, “what the hell-ever!” Take your $$$ and take care of your kids! Nope! Narcissists, as I have been told by my blogging neighbor, Love Lori, in her blog entry, Escaping a narcissistic ex, can not take care of anyone but themselves. The selfishness is great within him, my God! And of course, he then ended the conversation by asking what we’re doing for the New Year. I told him I decided to go to NC to see my family. That’s when he told me he’s taking me to court. And that’s when I told him, do what you have to do.

I offered to exchange the 1st with the 3rd, so he can spend the missed time with his kids, but he only wants what he wants. And because he’ll be out of town apparently, he can’t get them on the 3rd. Yup, too busy having “fun” and spending money that you claim you don’t have for your kids on yourself and that hippo of a hussy. I’m done with him. You wanna take me to court for ONE DAY, but where were your threats about going to court when you weren’t paying child support? HUH?! Forgot about that, huh? He’s petty. And I can’t be bothered. And these are the holidays and I have a right to see my own family. I’m technically here by myself. So fuck you and that albino hippo you call a gf.

What if my kids get sick while they are with you? You gonna demand that I send them some over the counter medication instead of you going to the store and getting it yourself?! You just ain’t gonna buy the medicine because it’s supposedly my job to send medicine that you can purchase from any store in the United States?!?!?! Get the fuck outta here with that shit, man!

You’re mad because you aren’t living this glamorous life you thought you’d have once you left me. You’re mad because I am not living in the streets and my life didn’t turn to crap like you thought it would. You’re mad because I moved, WITHIN the limits set by the courts to start our lives over and to live better with my girls and you aren’t a part of our world any longer. And you’re mad because you actually have to sacrifice miles and gas with your leased car to see your kids, which you aren’t willing to do. So, because of your actions, i.e. adultery/divorce, these are the consequences that you have to live with. You have money to take me to court, but you don’t have money to buy your kids new clothes, right? Priorities, my brother. Priorities….

And like I’ve said before, I can’t do anything more for him but pray. And that’s what I’ll continue to do. Pray for him and especially for myself. I am no longer going to play into his retarded-ness. Wanna go to court? Sure, no problem. Spend your money to file and look like an asshole when they tell you that you’re wasting the courts time. I’m gonna give all my problems to the Lord, i.e YOU, and He will tell me how or when or even if I should fight. I refuse to live my life in fear of that asshole any longer.