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I had a really great end of the year. Took my kittens to Orlando and just stayed at my sister-in-law’s house and brought in the new year with her and her family and my kittens. And it was very cool. Very serene. Happy. Joyful. Loving. And those were the exact things that I needed. And she prayed for me and I prayed for myself and my youngest kitten even prayed. Couldn’t understand most of what she said, but I was happy and proud of her nonetheless.

And I am grateful and excited about the start of a new year. Very happy. I know that this year is going to be great. Why? Because of my God. He has me in His hands and I know it and can feel it. And I cherish it. I know every person believes that 2015 is “gonna be their year,” but I can feel it down in my toes and it is just radiating through my soul. Even with the ex-husband threatening to take me back to court, I feel nothing but a peace that surpasses all understanding. And I can’t wait to get more involved in my church.

As for a relationship, that’s a niet. That means “no” in Russian. There’s was nothing before, and nothing now, BUT! The future is bright and unknowing. And the future is brand new. So! Like I’ve been saying, when the Lord is ready to send someone my way, I’ll be ready. I am preparing myself for his arrival. Of course, I can only hope that it will be this year or sometime soon, but either way, I am more focused on being more focused on the Lord than on finding a man. Doesn’t mean I won’t have my times where I feel utterly alone, or lonely, but I know I have to wait.

Anytime I do anything in my flesh, I mess everything up. The girls are with their father today and I am okay. I am not having the dreams like I used to and I am gaining even more control over my emotions when it comes to my divorce. Maybe by this time next year, I will have changed the title of my blog, no? 😉 I certainly hope so!

Happy New YEAR!!!!!