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I think, NAY! I know, that my ex-idiot of a husband hates me. Just when I thought I would be able to go a couple of days without posting something regarding how rude or disrespectful he has been, and here he comes!!! Cue the theme music to JAWS….

He text-ed me earlier regarding the tax form from after school care for our oldest daughter, 8, and I ignored him. Anytime it comes to money, he acts like a donkey. So, I just ignored him and carried on my business for the day. Then, he drops off the kids and asks me again. I walk away and I tell him I am not talking about it. He proceeds to try to keep my kids hostage until I talk to him about it. I tell him I will not, I don’t want to, give me my kids so I can go. No, he then proceeds to push me and is keeping my child hostage in his car.

So, I start screaming for help. A few women come outside and ask if I need help. I say yes, just stand there and then when I give the signal (whatever that is) call the cops. He says to call the cops anyway. I say, okay! You’re the man, trying to keep the kids away from their mother all because you want to be arrogant and controlling. Doesn’t look good for you man.

8 is crying and she is telling him she wants to go home with her mommy and he is still trying to play “good” daddy and wiping her tears, all the while keeping his arm between me and her. Then he says to her, “Remember I told you that Mommy was going to fight?” And that’s when I knew, he has been trying to brainwash my children against me every time he has them. He finally releases her and leaves.

Why the hell would you say that to her unless you were planning on fighting me, or unless you’ve been planting those types of seeds in her mind? I just shook my head and looked at him. I told him, “I’m lucky 8 can read, so she can read all of the crap that you have said to me via email/ text and you’re lucky that 4 is too young to understand what an asshole you really are.”

I’m not gonna show 8 any emails and but he is damn lucky the baby doesn’t know any better. This man has been a constant thorn in my side. And the funny part is, we were once MADLY IN LOVE! I’ve heard men saying that there is some evil pussy in the world, and now I completely believe it! Cause the moment he stuck his dick in his slutty gf, he became a straight up DEMON!

He and her pussy needs an exorcism and they need to be thrown back into the 7th level of hell from whence it came! That’s the only thing that I can think of as a valid excuse for how he has been since he has meet this chick and since she has been involved in his life. And the bible says that you need to be careful of who you allow into your life because you start to take on some of those people’s characteristics.

I’m not saying I was an angel, but when he was with me, shit, his family still liked him and was coming around. Yeah, I think my ex-idiot hates my guts. But thank God for the power, the grace and the mercy of the Lord, because I still don’t hate him. Don’t like him very much, but I don’t hate him.

What’s funny is the other day, I was kinda getting into my feelings and thinking of him and kinda wishing that God could do things differently, like make the ex do a 180 turn and come back, and I caught myself and told myself to let all that go. It’s not going to happen. Let him go and focus on God. And I keep asking God to show me why the door to my ex-idiot has been closed, and every time I ask, man, God is right on time with the showing!!!

He’s not right in the head. For someone that initiated everything, starting from his affair to the divorce and to all the consequences that he has had to deal with in-between, he should be slap-fucking-happy, am I right?! He got the girl that was better than me, he’s living life in his gf’s mother’s house and he’s still employed. That’s all the goals that he had in life, so why isn’t he satisfied? Why isn’t he happy? Why isn’t he leaving me the HELL ALONE?!

I tried to avoid an argument and I walked away. I tried to tell him to leave me alone and that I didn’t want to talk about taxes or anything like that and he tried to use my kids to force me into conversation. Lord, I just want You to bless this man with a superb job opportunity that he can not pass up, so that he can get far the fuck away from us….Amen.

That’s my pseudo prayer to God for him. Without all the cussing, of course. But I was strong tonight. I did not cry and I did not get into a back and forth with him when he called and texted. I did pray for him with the girls, because that is all that I can do and will do for him.