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Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the weekend as a whole was just great, it really was. I hung out with family, friends from church and then the services at church were really on point. Everyone had a good time.

And Mother’s Day was pretty cool. I received a lot of love from people, via phone calls, text messages and on FB. Even a couple of strangers wished me Happy Mother’s Day. So, I’d say it was an overall nice day.

And it all started at 7:12am when I got my first text of the day.

And if was from someone that I never in a million years would wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Have you guessed yet? Yes sir, it was from my EX-HUSBAND!!! I was sleeping when I heard it go off and at 7:31am, I rolled over, opened my sleepy eyes and saw his name, big as day, with a message that simply read, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

When I saw this, my eyeballs immediately popped open like a Looney Tunes character! LOL! I mean, I woke right the hell up and had to do a double check! If there was someone in my bed, I would have woke them up to believe some unbelievable shit like this that I was witnessing!

I didn’t move, or breathe or anything. Not even did I blink. And then I wrote back, “Thank you.” I put my phone down, smiled and went on about my day.

Why am I so happy about this little moment? It’s because he is showing me some respect, finally. I haven’t received any recognition that I am the mother of his kids in over 3 years! Last time, he had reduced me to just being a “co-parent” and nothing more. There’s some respect there, finally. And this is my miracle that I have been waiting for God to show me.

That this man MAY actually have a heart and he MAY actually respect me. And the topper is that he even acknowledged his own mother yesterday as well. Remember, he was not talking to anyone in his family, anymore. He had thrown them all to the wind and was being rude and disrespectful to everyone trying to show him the truth to his actions. His mom was shocked, floored and AMAZED that he did anything.

Sad, isn’t it? Sad, that someone could just throw away their entire family for a slice of ass. But, I just thanked God for the little that the ex did for me and his own mother. And it just proves to me that God is working on his heart. Melting away the ice, a little bit at a time.

The girls had a good time at church and we then went to eat at a restaurant and we just chilled at home and had a good time. I dressed them up so cute yesterday in their pretty little dresses. My two pretty princesses. I even sent the ex a picture. I had to fight my flesh, because I didn’t want to send it, but I did and he was thankful.

Overall, everyone that cared about me, and even those that pseudo care about me, contacted me and I am grateful. At least I was not depressed, sad, crying or anything of that nature. And for that, I am very thankful.