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Prayer works. It does. I have seen some things happening in my life that shouldn’t have happened. I have been blessed at times when I definitely should not have been blessed. And I have also come to understand and accept that even those prayers that aren’t answered right away or at all is still a blessing. Took me a while to get that understanding and to have it stick, but it stuck. And that’s all that matters.

And I can feel my trust and belief and faith growing more and more and stronger and stronger in God.

Will I still have weak moments? Oh, I can guaran-damn-tee that! The stronger you are in your Christian walk and faith, the enemy comes against you even harder. But I have to give everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, to the Lord. I thought I was doing it before, and I think I was, but I was holding on to a little piece of whatever it was because I’m human and we have control issues.

But now, things are most certainly different. And I can’t/won’t get caught up in the madness anymore. I will try not to at least, lol. I don’t want to get caught up in BS anymore. Especially from the ex. God’s working on me. I’m an extreme work in progress and I am happy that He is not giving up on me!