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It’s quiet in my house. My girls are with their father. And I am sitting here with my bf, Netflix and my BFF, Couch. I’ve been grossly engrossed with watching Sons of Anarchy. It’s a great show. I love the main character, Jax. He’s a good looking man, and he fights ferociously for the people that he loves. Especially his woman.

He killed for her, he rescued her a couple of times and he proves his love for her without her even asking him too. It’s a weird, twisted love story. I’m only on season 5, but I hope their love lasts. But we all know that “things change”. Just like in real life. One minute, you’re deep in love with a human, the next minute, you’re having a torrid love affair with a cable box. Go figure… I can see how women fall for the fantasy that TV love presents to the world. Here this man is, doing all he can for his woman, loving her so strongly it slaps you in the face as you watch.

I couldn’t even get my ex to get another job to help take care of his family nor did he love me more than he loved himself. If life imitates art imitating life, then why the heck can’t I be loved by someone like that? I don’t want a biker or to be involved in criminal activity, I just want someone to love me like people in the movies do.

What’s wrong with that, other than its not real, you know? Why can’t we fall in love and stay in love and do any and everything for the people we love? I wish someone could write the script of my life and then things would be peachy keen. Lol… I’m just a hopeless romantic. There’s that word again…HOPE. When am I going to learn?

I guess never. 🙂