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My ex really has no respect for me whatsoever. None, zero, zilch! And I am baffled as to why?! I keep asking myself and God over and over, why does this man treat me as badly as he does? What did I do to deserve such ill-treatment and disrespect?

Is that what happens when you commit adultery and fall in love with the person that you leave your family for? You just treat them like total and utter crap? Now, especially that you’re having a baby with your sluf gf?

Hey! I have TWO kids from you, I think I should still receive a little respect, don’t you? I mean, hell, you are always barking about how you want respect, yet, you never give it nor show it.

And the only way we get along is by not communicating. That is not right. It’s like we just keep brushing things under the table and then when we have to communicate, it blows the fuck up.

Why am I blogging about something negative after two positive posts? Story of my fucking life sometimes, I swear.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and he decided to keep the kids without telling me that he was. Just a simple, I will bring them back on Monday would have sufficed. He is supposed to take them on days that fall on his weekend and are holidays, but there are times when he doesn’t. In fact, he hasn’t done it in a very long while. So, today, I’m waiting at home and I get no phone call, text, email, NOTHING. I have to call his mother to tell him to call me because he wasn’t answering his phone when I called.

What an asshole.

I still ask the question, “who the FUCK IS THIS PERSON?!” And no one can answer it for me. Lord, why, why, why and WHAT THE FUCK?!

I never cheated, and even when he was cheating, I was still trying to be nice and polite until I couldn’t continue being a doormat.

But it says in the bible that bad company corrupts and this man has been the WORST ever since he started messing with this chick. I swear, she must be satan’s child, because my ex has turned into a total, utter monster/DEMON.

I didn’t cry, and I am not going to allow it to mess my whole night up, but damn it all to hell. I am tired of his shit. Communicate, muthafucker!!! You open your fucking mouth to scream at me and call me out of my name, but when it comes to shit like this, you shut the fuck up. wheretheydothatat????????

I immediately prayed before I talked to him and after. It still makes me angry, which is why I am blogging my feelings right now. So sick of him and his shit.

Makes me wonder if he ever cared for me, loved me, liked me, anything? Or were you just there until your “real, true love” came into your life?

Get this, we got off the phone at 8:10 and he texts me at 8:15 saying that I didn’t have to hang up on him and I don’t have to be rude…..see what the fuck I have to deal with? I can’t tell if he relayed our conversation to his hoe and she told him to do it, or if he decided being a super-dick tonight would be funny.

He really thinks this is all funny and a joke; the things that he says and does to me. He doesn’t take anything seriously unless it’s me fucking up the plans for his life. I don’t think he cares one iota for me. And no one could tell me different. I don’t give a shit if he were to come to me and sit me down for a whole 8 hours and explain how he did love me once upon a time. Actions speak so much louder than words. And his actions are screaming at me.

I will not text back. I will not give him the satisfaction of a back and worth.