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The past couple of weeks have been good. No arguing with the ex. No problems with my family. Work is awesome, thank the Lord. And church has been a wonderful experience since I started going to two different bible study groups, one on Wednesday and the other on Sunday. I have been feeling and getting stronger.

I still have things on my mind that I am dealing with and working through, but God is here with me, giving me the knowledge that I need to deal with them. Sometimes, my brain doesn’t shut down and I end up staying up until 2am, but it’s a process. It feels like the things that I am trying so hard not to think about during the day just come back to haunt me in my dreams, so I’m a little afraid to fall asleep. LOL. But it’s not everyday.

I went on a date.

Yeah buddy! I went on a date for the first time in a long time. He’s a friend that I knew back in high school and he got in contact with me via FB. Ah, Facebook, both a blessing and a curse in this new age era…but I digress.

So, I knew he always had a thing for me in high school, but when we met up, it was quite apparent that the same flame was still burning for me, even now, 20 years later. And I didn’t know where he was all this time or what he was doing. I just knew he was a face in a sea of my memories.

I was so scared of going on this date. I tried to talk myself out of thinking that it was a date. He was a gentleman. We didn’t do anything but go down to the marina and we talked. For FOUR hours! And we laughed and we pried into each other’s private lives. And it was really nice.

And I was thankful for the lovely evening. But I’m not ready for dating. Anyone. And he knows this. And he respects this too. And I appreciate that. 🙂

But I’m hoping things will change…