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My ex came to pick the kids up and take them to school today.


Yaaasssssssss, honey! I was shocked too! Especially since he was crying that he couldn’t come up here to take them to school and whatnot because of his gas and shit. But our youngest child’s birthday was Monday and I think he was really missing the fact that he wasn’t invited to celebrate her birthday with us. So when my oldest mentioned the fact that there was going to be a ‘Dads n Doughnuts’ breakfast at her school, I guess he found some gas money and his heart and decided to come and get the both of them. I was honestly shocked as shit.

He has to come tomorrow to pick them up for his weekend, so this is an amazing piece of history that is being made! I mean, this is the man that told me that he couldn’t do all this driving because of the miles on his car and gas and blah blah, bliggity-blah. And of course, he couldn’t do the drive because of his job (which he claimed was so flexible…). Whatever loser.

I think he’s finally, MAYBE! finally feeling the effects of not having his two oldest kids in his life. Maybe he’s seeing that he’ll be raising only one, and ignoring the other two. That he won’t be able to have his kids growing up completely around him. That he is missing out on a lot due to his incompetence of being a selfish asshole. Let’s see if he learns from his mistakes and actually raises this one with the slut gf. Cause if he fucks up, she looks like she does not waste any time getting a new man to help her raise her kids; i.e. my then-husband leaving me to take care of her and her then 4 month old child.

They will be with him for Halloween too this year. It landed on his weekend, and even though it’s in the divorce papers for me to have them on that day, I chose to let him have some memories on that day. But he has to get their costumes and whatnot. He asked me what size shoes they wear now, so I hope it’s for their costumes. He promised to get them costumes. I won’t get any pictures anyway, so I’ll just imagine how cute they look. I don’t want him to send me any pictures. I told him a long time ago that I don’t want him to send me pictures because it’s just a reminder of the fun that he is having with that cunt and my children.

I sent him pictures of our youngest from her birthday party, though. It was only right. I think he’s mad at me because I did not thank him for sending me a text msg on my birthday. I could have went that whole day without hearing from him, so fuck him.

My birthday is for people that give a shit about me 24/7, 365(6) days a year. Not for assholes that have an epiphany of kindness every once in a while. I feel like that R. Kelly song, “when a woman’s fed up”. I’m really tired of him. And I don’t want to be his friend and I want absolutely nothing to do with him in any sense of the way. I would erase his memory from EARTH if I could.

And I think he wants to have a friendship with me, but I’m done. I can’t be bothered anymore. Those times when he could have treated me decently and choose to treat me like shit, they really added up and took a toll on me. And now, I am bitter towards him and everything about him.

At least my girls were happy this morning that he came through on his promise.