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I went to a going away party for one of my friends. I’m gonna miss him and his wife, terribly. The party was winding down and we were chilling when another one of my co-workers approached me. Asked me how far I had to drive back home. Thinking nothing of it, I answered, “about an hour north.” And then he asked me, “you want me to drive with you?”

I just laughed it off and slapped him on his arm. He had been drinking and I paid him no mind. But that was the 2nd time he had ever asked to sleep with me. The first was a few years ago at my bday party. He asked me if I wanted birthday sex. Again, I just slapped him and laughed it off. But in my mind, I’m thinking “WTF?!”

And another co-worker kept telling me how he would leave his gf for me if I told him to leave her. Again, “WTF?!” I gotta tell you to leave someone to be with me? Get the fock outta here! We were never dating or anything like that to begin with, but he always liked me. And he’s been telling me for two years how they have been having problems and blah, blah, blah.

Oh yeah? How about this? You suck my dick, the both of y’all! Been there, done the side chick thing. So leave me alone please. I just wanted to dance and say goodbye to friends for crying out loud. I didn’t want to be propositioned for sex. Darn this magnetic whip appeal I have been blessed with. LMBO!