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I was talking to my (ex) mother-in-law, and she was telling me how her son, my ex, and his slut gf are trying to convince her to babysit for them because they won’t be able to afford daycare. You know, since she’s making HALF of what he makes, and her son is STILL in daycare and the fact that he is paying child support for TWO previous children. And now, NOW you dumb idiots realize that you won’t be able to afford daycare or any care period for this new kid??? Hmmm…dumb-asses!

I’m sorry, but I cannot and I will not give any person, especially these two, any kind of sympathy when they willingly put themselves in this kind of position. These two yokels already knew that money was tight because of his child support and his/her bad spending habits. And let’s not forget that they have two large car payments, one of the cars was repossessed but they were able to get it back because he borrowed money (and never paid it back) from family members. And let us also remember how he couldn’t afford the rent at his apt, because she wasn’t paying any of the bills.

AND, they are living in her mom’s house, supposedly saving money, but I know that’s a load of bull. Give me a break. Tack on student loan bills that are current from him, and the slut gf started going to online college and of course, those were on loans too, and the credit card bills and his storage bill for all his furniture from his apt PLUS whatever new bills are gonna pop up from this pregnancy and all the baby things that will be needed, and these two fools are shit out of luck.

People just do not think. And of course, the good ole saying of, “there’s never a “good” time to have kids is also bullshit. There was no reason for that heffa to get pregnant. She already had a child and he has two. They had plenty of time, to save and do things the right way. I really do believe she did this to try to lock him down. Hell, it didn’t work for me, chica, and I was his wife! So, you go ahead and give it the ole college try, like so many women before you have. You gonna get a real wake up call…

And now they want help. Ain’t that a bitch?! And I asked my mom-in-law, “well, what about the slut gf’s mother? Can’t she watch the kid?” Only to hear that her mother is working TWO jobs! I can’t believe it! ¬†Stupidity actually is hereditary. Everyone is in a financial bind in that tiny house. And everyone is still making stupid and rash decisions with their lives or just not thinking at all. And that was my ex’s Achilles heel, if you will. Making rash and stupid decisions. Not thinking things through. Not worrying about the future or the consequences of certain actions.

I tell you the man blamed me, ME, for his attorney fees and for having to pay child support. I still don’t know how I got the blame. What? You gonna blame me for putting your dick in someone else’s pussy too?! I’m the one to blame for you filling out divorce papers and trying to convince yourself that you weren’t happy? Even though you were on the phone crying to me about how hard this all was for you and how you wish you could come back home? Puh-lease! Consequences, my brother. Consequences.

And I am sure that they are happy that there is a baby coming, but the financial thunder is coming with that baby too. And they are just choosing to ignore it. The one thing that my ex used to love to say is, “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” Negro, right about now, yo’ ass is bunging jumping. LOL!!!

I should have known better though, to expect ghetto, hood-rat people not to give a damn about their lives, neither the present nor the future. Because they basically only live in the now. I know God says that we shouldn’t worry, but He also tells us to be smart. These two fools will find a way to make it by either NOT paying a bill, because we all know that if you don’t pay a bill, the bill magically goes away…………..right.

Or, they’ll try to get his child support lowered, which I already checked on and that is definitely not going to happen based on Florida child support guidelines. I foresee welfare for the two of them. Taxpayer money going down the tubes and into the hands of morons.

Wow, wow and wow. That’s all I can say. He left a family of four to support a “family” of, 6 if you think about it. Cause when he has my two kids, it’s now 6 of them, every other weekend. He’s gonna need a bigger car. And did I tell you he told his mom that he wants to rent out a house? Yup, the man can’t afford cheese, but he’s gonna rent a house. God bless his stupid, little soul.