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That’s what time my eyeballs popped open. Why? No answer. I wasn’t having a nightmare or anything like that. I just woke up. Then I started watching tv. Then I started playing candy crush. Then I was all over Facebook.

And now, I’m here. 😊

And I am feeling lonely. I suspect these are the hours that a person would feel lonely, right?

But it’s cool. I will be alright. I know that these holidays bring certain emotions and feelings and I won’t wallow in them.

Eh, it’s tough trying to be still and wait on the Lord. What am I waiting for? Everything. A Godly man, increased finances, being debt free, I’m waiting for all of it.

And while I’m waiting, I’m watching Joyce Meyer. And wondering when God is going to send me this great revelation. And when He’s gonna do what He’s promised.

Ugh…lemme take my ass back to bed.