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I am ridiculously in a good mood today! And I thank the Lord, Jesus Christ for it! Why? Because I am at peace! I noticed this year, or rather, after I found out about my ex’s baby, I have been more at peace with this whole divorce situation. I really, truly and honestly have completely let him go. Now, don’t get it twisted, I don’t mean that I will be BFF’s with him or anything like that.

I still don’t speak to him because he can be truly disrespectful. But I don’t waste my time praying for my marriage or asking for him to come back to us. I have come to peace that it is what it is and I don’t want none of what he’s giving. He’s still broke, but pretending to live like a king. He’s still treating his own mother badly. And I realized from speaking with my mother-in-law, that her husband has only gotten worse when it comes to treating her badly too. I saved, or rather, my EX, saved me 37 years of torment and unhappiness.

And to you, ex-sweetheart, I say THANKS! I finally see the light! And I am grateful!

My girls had a blast opening presents this morning and just running around making a mess. We laughed, played some games, danced and sang a few impromptu carols. And they were totally happy and so was I! I felt the depression trying to come over me a few days ago, but I got my butt right into prayer and I went to my Father in Heaven and told Him that it had to go!

Which is why I am joyful. Even while knowing that I won’t see my girls until next week. But it’s cool. I will go to work and enjoy a little “me” time. Which entails me going to work and then collapsing on my couch with my boyfriend, Netflix. I can actually Netflix and chill without being worried about getting pregnant. LOL!

I am going to pray that this feeling continues throughout the week. And if it doesn’t and I unknowingly allow the enemy to make me feel a certain way, at least I know how to fight back. And that is the best Christmas present that I could ever give myself!!!

Well….that and being completely debt free from my school loans! LMBO!

God bless and Merry Christmas, people!!!