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It’s been an awesome start, my new year. It really has. I had a great Christmas with my munchkins and then I had a week off from being a mommy since the girls were with their father. And during that week, I had planned to utilize that time as much as possible. Apparently, LIFE had something else planned for moi.





You hear me?! The DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS, my happy ass gets sick. Wheredeydodatat?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And more importantly, WHY?! \


But I had to find that silver lining through it all. I was sick, yes, but still alive. Silver lining numero uno.

If there was ever a “good” time to be sick, it was that week since I did not have the girls with me. I was able to sleep, cough, hack and shiver/sweat my way back to good health in peace. Silver lining numero dos.

When I finally did go to the doctor’s, I had the cutest doctor with the softest hands and I just wanted to melt into his arms every time he touched me. Of course, I was looking like I had been run over twice and chewed and spit out, but in my mind, we made a love connection and I was looking like Beyonce and not like this:


What’s the silver lining in this case? OH! The cute doctor prescribed me a Z-pack. Next….

I was still sick once the girls week with their father was up, though. Not quite as, but I still needed loads of rest even with them in the house. My oldest gremlin took really good care of me by behaving and taking care of her little sister. I have to remember to do something nice for her. She’s such a good girl. They both are. And they prayed for me to get better too. I love them! πŸ™‚

Back to work, back to school and starting the new year off right with lots of new flu antibodies!