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Well, my ex’s slut gf had the baby. January 29, 2016. I just found out today. I knew something was up because he hasn’t called his kids since January 26. I figured either she had finally dropped her load or he was acting like a baby himself because we had gotten the court date from the judge. No one called or texted to tell me. And I figured that they wouldn’t, either. Right now, I’m dealing with how I should feel about this situation.

I didn’t cry, which was the first thing I did when I did find out the hoe was pregnant. I’m not happy but at the same time, I’m not sad either. It just sucks. Sucks that this slut ass heffa has to be a semi-part of my life because of the DNA shared by her new child and my children. A freakin’ constant reminder of his cheating. She’ll be there, even if he isn’t with the mother. Which he still is, but hey, the future is bright and unknowing…

I just prayed to God and thanked Him for giving me the strength that I can clearly see that I have to gotten through this pregnancy. And I feel alright. Still weird, but alright. It hurts, but not as much as I thought it should have hurt. Prayer works, and God heals. I will always remember that. And it didn’t happen overnight, but it happened and that’s all that matters.

What bothered me is that this negro is still up to his lying shenanigans though. He had the audacity to tell his mother that he has been trying to get in contact with me since last week and to no avail…WTF?! I just shook my head. Give me a break, you turkey-necked mutha-focker! Why are you trying to lie on me, saying you’ve been calling and I’m not answering the phone. I told his mother that I would gladly print out my cell phone bill and show her that he has not once called nor emailed nor texted me since last week.

He’s been too “busy” dealing with this chick and the new baby and it’s just easier for him to blame me than to admit that he is a neglectful father and forgot about his two older kids, just like I predicted that he would. This is just the beginning of neglect. If I thought he was neglectful before, wait for the main event people, because it’s about to get started!!!

And that’s where the real sadness starts. Because my two innocent babygirls are going to be the ones that will feel it the most. Not me, I am an adult and I understand foolish retarded people. But these kids love that idiot and go by his word and promises. They are going to be heartbroken even more when he starts ignoring them. And he will, because he was doing it even when the slut gf wasn’t pregnant.

But I will be there to comfort them and pray with them and for them. And once the Lord brings a good, Godly man into my life, they won’t even care as much. They’ll care a little, but not as much because there will be someone here to ease their pain and release a little of their suffering.

I did thank God when I got off the phone with my MIL. I thanked God for removing my ex from my life because it seems he’s still going down that road to financial ruin and utter destruction. He’s moving them into a NEW apartment complex, brand spanking new. Which means more money. With a NEW baby. And she’s not working. And I’m sure that the money will be flowing like a fire hydrant in the summertime! Except that negro can’t afford the water bill that comes next.

But he won’t learn his lesson until he reaches his rock bottom. And even then, he still has the choice of wanting to learn the lesson and do right, or he can continue to live the way he’s living since it seems right to him. God did give us free will, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it. I’m just glad that I am doing everything opposite of him.

I am flourishing and thriving on my own, with my girls. I don’t have a whole lot, but compared to him, I am a millionaire. And I will continue to do all the rights things and go to the Lord for my counsel and wisdom. I no longer want to live that lackadaisical life that I once had with him. That just day to day mentality.

I sometimes envy people that can live like that, but then when you hear about what’s at stake and the consequences that they have to endure and deal with afterwards and you realize, it’s not bloody worth it….