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Valentine’s Day was cool. Did I have a date with someone super special? I sure did!!! I had TWO dates! Count them…ONE…and……………TWO!!!! Say whaat?! Yeah boy! I be rollin’ like dat!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were my dates and we dined at the ultra fancy, tre-chic Le Chuck E. Cheese. We had a primo table and lots of good service. And the cuisine was a culinary masterpiece of hot, sizzling cheeses with savory sauces and a crust that was delectable! And the gourmet liquid refreshments just flowed continuously! And of course, the ambiance was on and popping!

I thought one of my friends was gonna join me with his son, but he is still dealing with his own heartbreak and he just couldn’t go outside to face all of those seemingly loving masses of couples. Couples in love were coming out of the woodwork’s like roaches after the lights are turned off! LOL! And I’m not bitter about it, if you are happy and in love, I am truly happy for you. Everyone deserves true love, hell, there is not one single person on this planet that isn’t desiring it! Well, I can think of one person, but he’s not normal…anyhoo!

But just like ALL holidays before the big V-day, I feel some kind of way because I don’t have someone special to share it with in a romantic capacity. But I do have friends and family that love me and I am so thankful for that. I thank God that I had my girls with me so that I could at least get some love from them! 🙂 And they gave me such lovely Valentine’s Day gifts with mucho, mucho candy. And that’s the gift that keeps on giving, at least giving me cavities…lmbo! I won’t complain though.

I was a little upset yesterday at all the banners that were claiming that being single wasn’t a sin, crime, weird, etc. Well, hell, thanks for reminding me of that! I didn’t think that it was! It kinda makes me feel worse for being single when the rest of society is trying to make us “feel better” about our status.

But I know that it all comes from a place of love and a willingness to try to help those that are feeling down. Those that are just coming out of a relationship whether by their choice or not. But sometimes, society can overdo it. Like DQ had a special “Singles” blizzard. Really?! Can you at least leave the ice cream alone? We didn’t need anything special, trust me, we know where the ice cream is located when it’s time to be depressed and into our emotions.

But overall, there were no tears or depression or even anger for that matter. I just got my hugs, love and kisses from my girls and loads of laughter in-between. And it made me feel so, so special!