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Our day in court came and went. What day, you say? Oh, the day that I wrote about a few months back regarding my wanting to get passports for the girls and their father being a nimrod and not signing the documents which forced me to go and ask for a court hearing which was last week. Wanna know the outcome? Wait for it…Wait for it….

The BUTTHOLE still did NOT sign the documents!!!

He came in there, just as ignorant and stubborn, angry, bitter and hateful towards me as ever. And no matter what the judge said, he would NOT sign the documents. I can’t understand his thought processes, so I will just assume there are none. When the judge asked him why he wouldn’t consent, he just kept saying, “we’re not co-parenting good.” Or he’d say, “she’s trying to leave the country for work.”

The judge blew the hell up at him. But he didn’t care. He wouldn’t even look at me, much less sign the papers I needed him to sign. The judge told him that because we live in the state of Florida, I can’t even move 50 miles from him or else I’d get in trouble, much less the country! And if I were to try to leave the country, a little known organization known as the F.B. I. would surely stop me and arrest me for kidnapping. I know I work for the government and everything, but trust me, they ain’t allowing me to kidnap my kids just because I want to work in another country. I’m not above the law. My name ain’t Steven Seagal…lol

So now that little Mr. Sunshine won’t sign the documents on his own, we have to go to court on the 30th of Aug for a full-day TRIAL!!! UGHHHHHH!!!! Are you kidding me?! This man would rather waste more of our time than just signing the papers. And we have to bring witnesses too! So he’s wasting all of our time and money! And for what?! Pride. Ego. Or who the hell knows what…

Lots of my good friends are telling me that he’s just trying to control me and the situation. I would still like to know why. I mean, I am not trying to control anything that he is doing for/with the girls. And if he is so happy with his new chick and their new baby, shouldn’t he just leave me the hell alone and control her? What the heck is she there for anyways?! And shouldn’t you be so joyous in your newfound love and family that you don’t even bother with me?

I don’t know what his problem is. His mom was telling me to ask him what is the real reason behind his not wanting to sign the documents, but I know that he will never tell me the truth. Hell, he couldn’t even tell the judge the truth!!! Then because he was having a huffy fit, he didn’t even bother to call his children for the last 4 days. But then he calls tonight and pretends to make everything right by saying he’s going to cook them their favorite meals this weekend and buy them the chips and snacks that they love so much.

See? I didn’t get mad the day we went to court. And I didn’t get mad when he didn’t call to talk to his kids because he was having a tantrum. But today, today I got perturbed because he calls like everything is alright and like he is this great father and that snacks and whatnot is gonna make things alright with them. He’s a lucky mutha-sucka, I tell ya.

He’s gonna look like an idiot when we go to trial in August. We’re gonna have the same judge that he pissed off last week. And judges are like elephants, they don’t forget. I guess the witnesses that we have to bring are character witnesses. I never wanted to inconvenience anyone other than him and I, and even still! I didn’t want to do that either! But he just won’t cooperate. And I’m tired of him being allowed to move forward in his life and I’m supposed to just wait until the girls are 18 in order to do anything. That’s not fair for anyone except for him. So, I go along with the madness, because I am sure he’d like nothing more than for me to give in to him.

I will ask him in July to reconsider this whole thing. It really doesn’t make any sense to go to trial for something so trivial because he’s mad about….????? Hell, I don’t even know why he’s mad. I thought that when you got the woman of your dreams, you don’t have any need for anger anymore. o_O

Just pray for me because even when I ask him in July, even after much prayer and fasting, I’m sure his heart will remain cold and hard towards me. But let him tell it, he loves his girls and wants to do everything for them. As long as it doesn’t mean he has to do a favor for me.