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Well, today I figured I should write something decent about my ex since he never does anything decent for me. But today, he actually surprised the hell out of me. Our youngest daughter lost her first tooth while she was with him, and I thought about asking him to send me the tooth, but I figured he would just argue with me. So I had already resolved to get the other teeth that were sure to come out in the future. But he actually sent the tooth home with the girls! Insert shocked face here… O_O

It completely blew my mind that he would be so kind as to give her mother the first tooth. I never saw this kind gesture coming. Especially from him. It actually made me smile. And I texted him “thank you”. And he replied, “you’re welcome”. So I have to give credit where credit is due.

He’s still a jerk, but just for today, I will consider him a kind human being.