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Man, things have been going really well in my life lately. And why, you ask? Because of God, I say! All kinds of blessings have been raining down on me and my girls lately. Financial blessings, educational blessings for my girls, and now  I have found a really awesome Christian singing teacher. I have been looking for a great teacher for the last couple of months and the Lord blessed me with her. I mean, this is the teacher that I have been looking for all my life!!! I felt very comfortable with her and I mean, I got ugly with the lesson. Ugly is good. It means that I let go of control and just forced my body to do what was necessary to get the sounds out. And I did a great job. I’m planning on auditioning for my church’s worship team once I get in a couple of months in with this teacher.

The girls were with me. They behaved themselves. I was able to get them into a really great charter school. Both of them. It’s uncanny that I was able to get them in even during the middle of the summer, but I did it. I went to the open house and they told me that my girls would not be able to get in for the 4th and Kindergarten grades, but GOD! And they are starting this fall. And I am so happy.

Work is awesome. My people are treating me so well. And I them. And they showed me by giving me lots of financial blessings! God makes a way through people, doesn’t He? Yes, He does.

No boyfriend. And not even worried about it.  I still find myself from time to time thinking about being in a relationship, but right now is just not the right time. I need to finish school first (Aug 2017), I am working on some other personal things and I don’t need the distraction that a relationship brings. The girls really need my love and attention. They are still very young and need me. Plus, they actually like to hang out with me. So, I will be there for them until God decides it’s time for me to date. But not any sooner. I don’t have the energy to waste more time and make a bad relational decision.

I am enjoying life. I went to Puerto Rico with my good girlfriend, Mo and we had a blast! I went and visited my friend and his wife who recently moved down there and they were our hosts and tour guides. THE FOOD!!! My Lord, the food! Absolutely delicious! And we visited the rain forest, went down into the caves and walked through an old Spanish fort. And there were tons of laughs…

How’s the ex? Oh, he’s still a jerk. He’s still unwilling to do anything more than child support for me and we still have the court date for the end of Aug for the passports. And today, when he picked them up for his week, he decided to take my youngest without her shoes because he thinks that they are not decent enough. These sneakers are the sneakers that I had her wear because she can tear up some shoes. She wore them to camp. They are old and has a hole in it, but her feet aren’t falling through the sneaker or anything. Plus, she has shoes over at his house that she can wear. She just needs to wear shoes into the house from the car. But of course, he’s a dumb-ass, and a control freak and decided that taking her without her shoes would be better. So, he quietly (punk-ass like) left her shoes on my doorstep and then sent me a text message saying,”her torn up shoes are on your doorstep. Please don’t send her downstairs with those disgusting shoes again.” Which in turn I politely replied, “Have a good evening and don’t text and drive. It’s dangerous.” LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I could feel myself getting upset, but the first thing I decided to do was pray for him. And God is working on him. I can’t wait for the phone call saying that he finally accepted God’s salvation. He needs to ask God to remove his anger, pain and frustration from whatever it is that is keeping him in bondage. The poor thing is lost. I hope he finally decides to be found….by God.

I’m making a lot of major changes and I am so happy. Every decision I am making in my life, I am making with the Holy Spirit. I am doing nothing without God’s guidance. That’s how I know I am headed in the right direction. And I’m taking my girls with me!!!!!!!!!