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Passport pic


Well! Today was the court date to get the passport documentation for the girls signed. And signed it got!!! The Lord is very good. As usual, the ex just wanted to waste time and money, he came in there with no witnesses, even though it stated as such in our previous court paperwork. And he came in there acting like he didn’t know why we were there…and acting like he was so willing to cooperate. And of course, he was agreeing with everything that the judge was saying regarding co-parenting. She said that it was childish of parents to communicate via text and email only and he was like, “oh yes! Me too! I think speaking through text message is impersonal and inconvenient.” I just rolled my eyes towards heaven and didn’t even bother to respond.

I should have shown the judge all the “lovely” texts and emails that we have saved between us since he decided we, I mean I, wasn’t enough for him. All the emails and texts of him cussing me out and calling me out of my name. That, and that only is the reason why I have cut off most communication with him.

Then the judge gave us a pamphlet for this website that is designed for arguing parents to communicate better. The judge can gain access to it. It forces both parents to communicate on a better level without all the yelling and cussing that would go on in private email. He was all for it. I guess he thinks that it will make me look bad. But my God is an awesome God and anything that he tries to use against me will definitely not prosper. So, I am not worried. I’ll use the system just fine.

Anyhoo, the ex stated how he was willing to sign the paperwork and then the judge suggested that he keeps one passport at his house, and I keep one at my house, at which point I said, hell no! This man refused to sign the paperwork on his own and if he has control over one of the passports and I have to ASK him for it, he will use it as a control tool. Also, I would have to go back to court and get another trial to get the passport from him. I refused. And then I suggested that his mother keep the passports. He didn’t even want to do that!

So I then said, I’d rather keep the passports at the court and pay to get them out.  He was acting all flustered, as if I were wasting his time, and then he said, “what do I have to do to get out of here besides sign the papers?” So, he agreed to sign and he agreed that his mother will keep the passports. I’m just glad that he freaking signed. Not glad that I had to get witnesses and take a day off from work, but I am glad that he signed. My witnesses didn’t even have to testify.

Every time I have to deal with this man, I realize just how much of a nincompoop he truly is. And how spiteful and angry he still is. Someone recently asked me if the ex was still in love with me, and I was like, are you for real?! Is that how a person shows love?! If that’s the case, hate me, PLEASE!

I’m just glad that the Lord came through for me, yet again. He knew the desire of my heart and He knows how much traveling means to me and the girls. Thank You, Jesus!!! Continue to smite my enemies and show them who is boss! LOL!!!!! I am a child of God!