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I’m starting a new journey in my life. I have decided to get dreadlocks. It’s a real lifestyle change…for my hair. I already went to the salon and got them started. I had been thinking of doing this for a long time. I started pondering over this change since 2015. I meant to start the process in January of this year, but procrastinated. But yesterday, I went and did it. And I’m glad that I did it before telling anyone that I was doing it. Afterwards, I sent a pic of my head to friends and family and most were in shock, and some were in support of me. And then, my mother in law surprised me. She was a little negative towards my decision. She was saying how I like to “change” my hair every few months, which is true, but this is different.

It made me realize that I did the right thing by not telling people what I was going to do. I would have talked myself out of getting them done if I had allowed myself to listen to other people’s opinions. I love my mother in law, but there are some moments when she can be negative. Not always, but sometimes. She’s very old-fashioned and old school. She was even upset when her daughter got her baby’s ears pierced. My mother in law kept telling me, “we’ll see how you are in 6 months.” I’m not changing my mind in 6 months. So, she’ll be majorly disappointed when I end 2017 with nice, long dreads.

But I know that I made the right decision for myself. I don’t make rash decisions. Well, I haven’t been making rash decisions in quite a long time. I incorporate the Lord in everything I do, no matter how big or small and I try to do so before I start/stop anything. When I was allowing my flesh to lead me, things never worked out.

So, wish me luck, on my loc’d journey. I’ll post pictures from time to time. I want to make sure that I document each step. This is going to be a cool adventure!!! 🙂