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Yes, it’s that wonderful time of the year when everyone knows your name and people are calling you down and you feel so important and just like a princess! If you couldn’t tell, I love my birthday! I am a birthday gal. And even if I were 100, I’d still be a birthday gal! Til the day I die!!! I just love celebrating life. I mean, I’m breathing, I should be happy and celebrating everyday. I just particularly love this day more-so than others. LOL!

I did go out of town with my gremlins for the weekend, but it was more for them than me. But my gift was their joy and happiness at a new adventure. Then we came home and I bought myself a new, shiny VACUUM CLEANER! YAY!!!!! LMBOOOOOOOO!!! But I needed one, so, why not indulge!

I didn’t go to work and the gremlins didn’t go to school because we came home late from our outing. So, we spent the time together. I love them. They “bought” me a card from the church bookstore (I paid for it) and they presented it to me. They colored it with 7 hearts and my youngest drew a portrait of me with blond hair. I didn’t know I was blond, but that’s how she wanted to draw me, so I went with her artistic vision.

And now, after a long day of cleaning and errands, I am waiting to crack open the Haagen Dazs and just watch old episodes of Once Upon A Time before I pass out in my bed. Sounds like a beautiful way to end the most beautiful day!