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My dream actually came true! The ex proposed to his gf while they were in Disney World. And guess what?! The news didn’t come from him, as it should have. It came from his sister. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you why, cause he’s a punk. Too scared to say anything to me. Why? I don’t know, especially since he doesn’t care about me because he once told me I was dead to him…But then………………

His gf had the NERVE and AUDACITY to email me the following email below:

“I first want to apologize for contacting you at work but this is the only email address I could locate without asking M for your personal one (he doesn’t know I’m contacting you). I’m hoping that through this email we can find a common ground that’s beneficial to the girls.

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to share the precious time you have with your daughters with others; even more so with a woman who (speaking frankly) you despise. I think it’s important for you to know that I love your daughters and I want the best for them; as I’m sure you do as well. I think it’s easy to agree that an environment that is peaceful and harmonious is best for any child, the girls included. I would love to get to a place where we (you, M, and I) could share important moments with the girls without tension or animosity; it’s important to show the girls that even though adults may have disagreements they can still get along. I understand that the past few years have been difficult and you are completely entitled to your own feelings, emotions, and opinions; even the strong negative ones you have about me. However, my hope is that you can focus your energy on what’s best for the girls. Your daughters love you so much and as I’m sure you’re aware they also love M; and through the years I know they have grown to love me as well. I hate to imagine what it must be like for them to feel as though they’re caught in the middle of the people they love.

As a mother, I’m sure you agree that it’s not fair to them to let adult issues affect their childhood memories. I’m not naive in thinking that you and I will become the best of friends but I truly hope that you could put the animosity you feel for me aside for the sake of your daughters. Sadly, they are the ones caught in the middle and they are who suffer. I believe that the girls would really benefit if we could all work together; or at the very least be able to occupy the same space without tension. It is my deepest hope that slowly, in time we can all become cordial and work together to raise the girls in the best environment possible. I know that ultimately the decision is yours. I also know that I can’t control how you perceive this or how you’ll react to me reaching out; so I want to be clear in saying that it’s completely out of love for the girls and the desire to do what’s best for them. I only ask that you keep that in mind if/when you decide to respond.

Sincerest Regards,


Now, in my opinion, this chick has huge balls. After 5 years of the both of you giving me and my girls hell, you want to have a KUM-BA-YA moment. You want to be adult and work through shit. You NOW care about my girls and how they feel about the two of you having torn apart a family. Hmmm…not going to happen, sweetie. I’m sorry, this email is 5 years to late. And from the wrong person. This email should have come from my ex. AND, it should have had an apology for her part in the demise of my marriage. I guess through her excitement of having his child and now about to become his wife, she wants to make things right.

Nope, not going to happen. I remember trying to make things “decent” 5 and 4 years ago and the both of them giving me their ass to kiss. I like how she’s so NOW concerned over my children having POSITIVE childhood memories in order to drown out the negative ones that she and my ex placed. NOW she wants us all to do family oriented activities together. NOW…after she got engaged at the “Happiest Place on Earth”. Biatch please…I don’t care about the engagement, but I do care that she had the nerve to actually email me at WORK and then try to mend the fences that she and him set on fire.

I was so enraged at this email. I have not replied to her, nor am I going to. I did, however, forward it to her betrothed and told him that I better not receive any other emails like this ever again. He wanted to not be a part of the family, he wanted to have nothing to do with me, and he wanted a life totally separate and I gave him EXACTLY what he asked for.

She was there by his side every time he said or did something nasty to me and she didn’t care then. I don’t give two craps if she’s changed. I’m done. I’ve been done with them. I have forgiven and had closure knowing that he NOR she would ever apologize and I moved past. But don’t reach out to me ever again. The both of them chose to be nasty together and treat me like shit, and now, you can do it legally and happily ever after. This ain’t no NBC family sitcom of blended family joy. No sir. This is real life and in real life, you can’t just say whatever you want to people and do whatever you want to them and then wake up with an epiphany of “LET’S BE FRIENDS FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS!”

I’m just gonna leave it at that. If I change my mind in a few years, then I change my mind. But for right now… NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.